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Monday, December 7, 2009

Exciting News and Exhibition Ended

I am proud to announce that my book "Past Life" was picked up by Richard Overell the Rarebook Librarian of Monash University to be included in the Rarebook collection under Art books and Monash Authors. Past Life was part of Rags to Riches II Exhibition and a description of it reads: Re-purposed book cover painted over with artist's paint. Tin cans were crushed by the wheels of cars in the blue parking permit area of Monash University, Clayton Campus.

This art book represents the modern era because the tins included Coke 0 and Pepsi Max even though it took me over two years to collect all the tins from the parking lot. There weren't many tins lying around to be crushed by cars!

Here I am on the day we took down the exhibition. It was quite sad to see the end of it, but all in all the exhibition was well received by the public. We have no planned for the next exhibition. At this point I would like to have a break from trying to meet deadlines for a while and to enjoy the holiday season. Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for visiting.