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Saturday, April 4, 2009


I am a member of the Paper Makers of Victoria I am not a very active member and I don't make paper (not yet anyway). I have only been to their meetings a few times. I went today to take the brochure of the book display 'Rags to Riches' for them to publish in their next newsletter. They are very supportive of our display and a few said they would go and see the display.

Today the guest speaker was Amanda Degener the paper artist from the USA. She spoke to the group and showed the slides of her work. I was very impressed with her process. Amanda's paper is called CAVE PAPER. She had some paper with her for sale as well. I bought one called Walnut Red and another one called Green Crackle. They are beautiful and I don't know if I would be able to cut into them...! Amanda is such a nice lady. She is very friendly and down to earth. I asked if I could have a photo taken with her for my blog. She was very happy for me to do that.

I also took a whole bunch of dust jackets to share with the members of POV. They were very happy sifting through them and took want they wanted. I hope they will make something with them.



Micki said...

The cave paper sounds great! I wish that I could attend an event like this. There is nowhere to learn how to do all of this. You should give a tutorial one day on a book cover.

Notjustnat said...

Reply to Micki you can start a papers group there and see how many people are interested. When I come for a visit I will give you book making lesson and you can pass that on to others - Natima

Dzintra Ingrid said...

This is great Natima...all so very interesting, I like paper...and I especially like to use nice pens to write on it ♥x

Notjustnat said...

Reply to Dzintra Ingrid it is good to know you like nice pens - Natima

Dzintra Ingrid said...

Gotcha Natima...my turn Ha Ha!!! Great to catch up yesterday with you and meet Tom♥